Online marketing is internet marketing

online marketing

Online marketing is nothing but Internet marketing though this is probably somewhere contested. In the Internet world, they like their (new) terms that say nothing and nobody understands, it’s really not the Internet, the more a phenomenon that is typical of marketing people. They often sit on an island, thinking that this island still can fly and watching from their island down to the mob. In this way they think what is good for, in their eyes, stupid masses. To conceal this throw and throw them with incomprehensible terms. This has two causes, the 1st is simply because they think they are thus even more important and the 2nd because they can do whatever they want, no one yet understands the concept.

Online marketing allows marketers stumble

Marketing people find themselves typically smarter, better, more creative and intelligent than ordinary people, they also find themselves smarter, better, more creative and intelligent than their colleagues. And then there are funny things can occur. Suddenly there came the Internet, from the defense and academic angle – not weaned, but absolutely for the purpose is not necessary, of any sense of marketing. That the Internet was commercially and that means simply put cash for marketing companies. When it had been as smart as mobile telephony, everything would have been clear and remained. They decided to sell so-called service providers to create the 1st mobile phones, had the classic monopolistic fixed phone providers have no idea what mobile telephony and who needed it. These service providers were nothing as unique marketing organizations that collectively went something new in the world continue, with a success that today still does not know his limits. Had they done this on the internet then stumbled upon the marketing people do not have online marketing or internet marketing for the Internet.

Internet marketing is online marketing

Back to the arrogance of marketing people. One group felt that the Internet was offering services and products online and therefore called the marketing around it online marketing makes sense. Then it’s online marketing for the internet. Another arrogant marketing group felt that marketing should be developed for the Internet and called it Internet marketing, which basically means internet marketing for the internet. What sounds the former NMB Bank (Dutch Bank Medium-sized bank). When they had called the normal marketing for the internet, it was something else. So online marketing is the most sense if you hear more internet marketing.